Pool Registration



The Board of Directors knows how important the pool area is to the community; so, to provide the potential for more flexible pool use and extended swim seasons, the Board has approved for the Covington Woods Pool to be operated as SAYOR (Swim at Your Own Risk).


In light of this major transition, you will see some changes with the registration process and onsite, around the pool area. Some of those changes are:


  • Each resident will be responsible for themselves, their family and their guests.
  • The diving board and lifeguard chair have been removed to comply with SAYOR operation laws.
  • There will be several new signs posted around the pool area, including pool rules. Please read and adhere to them all.
  • A new gate access control system will be installed.
  • A new pool registration agreement has been implemented. Make sure to complete the agreement and return it by email (vnavarrete@mascapi.com) or by TownSq General Request at www.covingtonwoods.townsq.io to obtain your pool card. You can find the agreement attached here, or at www.covingtonwoods.townsq.io


Please note, annual assessments are still required to be paid to register for pool use. There will not be a decrease in annual assessments related to this transition. Despite the inflation rates we are all feeling, the Board’s goal is to keep assessments reasonable and avoid implementing special assessments and community service fees, if possible. If you have questions about the annual assessment or the association budget, please email Rachel Rivera at rrivera@mascapi.com


The Board of Directors appreciates all owners and volunteers who have assisted with keeping the Covington Woods pool a focal point for the community. Looking forward to a safe and fun 2024 pool season!


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Rachel Rivera at rrivera@mascapi.com or attend the next Board meeting. Board meetings are held the second Monday of each month, 7:00 pm, at the Covington Woods clubhouse.